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Top 10 things to do in Paris, from the eyes of an American (not Poulpy!)

As you all know I (Poulpy) have started to collaborate with the amazingly talented women of American Woman in France.  Its a blog that offers a wealth of knowledge for American women living in France.  Written from the perspective of an American woman currently living in France.  When I first began speaking with Biba Pedron, the networking queen, she informed me about this blog.  It started a great conversation not only business related, but life related.  Eyenie Schultz has a great perspective, and they both interview other women frequently.  They offer cultural books to learn the subtle nuances.  And of course, information on networking.

After I completed my piece regarding my first day in Grenoble (another piece coming this month!!!), I asked them for a favor.  Write a piece for Jadinou and I about their favorite places (top 10!!!) in Paris and NYC.  My thought is that you, our readers, are constantly hearing our points of view, why not someone else's???

Jadinou and I like to think we know everything ;) but we dont.  And Eyenie offered some amazing suggestions regarding her top 10.  I can say, with 100% accuracy, I've actually done 4 of her top 10.

Ride a bycle, dinner on the Seine (not in a fly boat but in a few lovely restaurants), grabbed a coffee in Montmartre (I was lucky enough to stay in Jadinou's apartment in Montmartre in 2006) and explored St. Germain. 

Grabbing a Coffee with Jadinou back in 2010

Lets not forget, my mother's maiden name is St. Germain.  I go each and every time I'm in Paris, and always have chills when I walk through the quartier!!!!  One day, A and I will own an apartment in the Latin Quarter... I hope.  And he can cook in an amazing little restaurant, and I can explore the city each and every day; and work.

Well, without further adieu, please check out Eyenie's top 10 in Paris!!!  (After the French)  Some are more well known than others, but I'm certain you will enjoy them all the same! I'm sure you will love them, and if you find that there are a few you haven't done, go do them!! And then, PLEASE tell us what you thought!!!! I'm certain you will love them, but Jadinou and I love hearing from you! xoxoxo!!!!

Comme vous savez, j'ai eu l'opportunité de rencontrer Biba Pedron, "the networking queen" il y a quelques semaines. En parlant avec elle, on a découvert que toutes les deux on a des blogs sur la vie des femmes.  Jadinou et moi vous nous connaissez bien, mais Biba et Eyenie vous ne connaissez pas.

Quand j'ai fini mon article sur ma 1ère journée à Grenoble (un 2ème à venir ce mois-ci!!!) je me suis dit que ça serait bien si Biba et Eyenie pourraient écrire leur Top 10 à NYC et Paris. Hier, j'ai reçu les Top 10 d'Eyenie à Paris. C'est une super façon d'apprendre l'avis de quelqu'un d'autre. Eyenie vit en France actuellement, et elle va à Paris souvent. Quoi de mieux?!?! 

Je peux vous dire que j'en ai fait que 4 sur sa liste; et ma pauvre Jadinou va faire les 6 autres la prochaine fois que j'irai à Paris. C'est vrai que, maintenant, quand je vais à Paris c'est pour passer du temps avec Jadinou.  (Plus manger du pain, boire du vin, me balader, et surtout m'arrêter au pont Alexandre - j'ai jamais pensé que je deviendrais MME ALEXANDRE!!!)  Mais, la prochaine fois, on ira ma Jadinou et moi et peut être A et le copain de Jadinou ;)

Les 4 que j'ai déjà fait sont : faire du velo (pas très bien, mais je l'ai fait), manger sur la Seine (pas sur un bateau mouche mais dans les restos superbes!), boire un café à Montmartre (j'ai eu l'opportunité de rester dans l'appart de Jadinou à Montmartre en 2006), et bien sûr me balader dans le quartier Latin - St. Germain des Pres.  N'oubliez pas que la nom de jeune fille de ma mère est St. Germain! 

A chaque fois que j'y vais, j'ai des frissons. Je pense à mon grand pere Bert St. Germain, qui a passé à Paris pendant la 2ème guerre mondiale, qui a trouvé de la famille, qui a fait tout notre arbre de en revenant aux EU il a tout brulé... super!! Il faut que je me mets à le refaire mais ca me semble tellement difficile!

Bref - maintenant, amusez-vous bien avec tous les suggestions d'Eyenie!  Je suis sûre que vous allez profiter, et si vous en trouvez que vous n'avez pas fait... allez-y.  Et après, dites-nous ce que vous en pensez!!!!!  Gros Bisous!!!

10 Oh-la-la Things You MUST Do in Paris!!!
By: Eyenie Schultz,

Aaaahhhh, Paris...the stunning city of lights, couture and world-famous monuments! Though the well-known attractions are never a disappointment for first time visitors, there is an entirely different side to this glossy ville that many people miss out on. I've visited Paris several times, and seem to discover something new every time I go, never on purpose, but as if by serendipity/accident, and I'm always blown away.

Here is a list of some of my favorite Parisian things to do in no particular order; some are on the touristy side, and others are off the proverbial beaten-path. Together, I think they give a more complete picture of this fascinating urban paradise...

1. Monet's Gardens in Giverny. If you want to feel like you've woken up in a dream, you must visit this historic artist's gardens. You will feel like a professional photographer when you see the gorgeous photos you've taken.
2. The Catacombs. Equal parts mysterious, mesmerizing and fascinating, this museum containing the bones of over 6 million decesaed Parisians gives a glimpse of what old Paris was like.
3. Les Egouts de Paris, or, The Sewers of Paris. Strange, but true, you can take a tour of the sewers underneath Paris! Made famous by Victor Hugo's Jean Valjean of ''Les Misrables'', it offers an interesting gritty perspective of this beautiful city. Don't fret! Not as stinky as you may think!
4. Eat at Le Refuge des Fondues. I first went as a college student, and it is a mega fun dinner spot! Delicious fondue, very populaire ambiance with long wooden tables you have to hop over to sit down, and wine is served in baby bottles...come on!!!
5. Rent a bike. What makes this dreamy city even dreamier? Exploring it on a bike a la Amelie!! A magical experience...just watch out for traffic!
6. Pere Lachaise Cementary : A beautiful and large cemetery where thousands of actors, musicians, politicians are buried...Look for Jim Morrison's resting place!
7. Sit at a coffee shop in Monmartre or le Quartier Latin for at least an hour, just watching the passers by. Take in the street style and get inspired! I usually have a note book to jot down ideas and memorable people I want to share with friends later.
8. Explore the St. Germain de Pres neighborhood. Peppered with some amazingly unique and beautiful shops selling everything from crazy high-end sun glasses to re-purposed vintage items with flare. Very chic (the price tags are definitely a reflection), but the window shopping is tres satisfying!

9. Eat dinner on the Seine. There are few things I love more than having a lovely dinner on a boat, especially in Paris! Seeing the monuments and buildings lit up as you enjoy some wine and French cuisine = WOW!
10. Go treasure hunting at Parisian flea markets. I'm a big fan of quirky and unusual finds, and the flea market is just the place to go stumble upon true gems! Even if you don't end up buying anything, spending the day looking at the eclectic array of items and rainbow of people is wonderful.

Hope this list gives you some new Paris options! Enjoy!!
Eyenie Schultz, from


lucidmusing a dit…

Thank you so much for having us on your site, Pouply!! We love what you're doing, and are so excited to be collaborating with you to help women really enjoy all that these amazing cities have to offer!!

Girls en Ville a dit…

No, thank you! Your suggestions are amazing, albeit depressing that tickets are so expensive and I cant force Jadinou on an excursion. Thank you for your insight and we look forward to collaborating further with you and American Woman in France! Bisous!

Inga Deksne a dit…

thanks, Eyenie, for wonderful suggestion, your number 1 got my instant attention.

Creative Mob a dit…

nice post

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